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Please donate today to Umodzi Green Collect and help us in our mission to promote environmental conservation and sustainable living in Malawi. Umodzi Green Collect relies on the support of individuals like you to fund our work in areas such as tree planting, waste management, and renewable energy projects. By making a donation, you will be directly contributing to the protection of the environment and the support of local communities in Malawi. Your donation will help us implement projects that promote sustainable living and combat environmental degradation, ensuring that future generations can enjoy a healthy and thriving planet. Thank you for supporting Umodzi Green Collect. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those in our communities.

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TNM Mobile Money Account: Umodzi Grenn Collect

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Airtel Money Account: Blessings Issa

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For those Who Do Not Want to Donate anonymously Please send your Screenshot of Your Transaction to Our E-mail.