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Organic Fertilizer Production

Community women are being trained on how to produce the Fertilizer together as a team. This Fertilizer is eventually sold to sustain the lives of the women.

Briquettes Production

The women are taught how to produce the eco friendly briquettes of three different kinds. Carbonized, un Carbonized and Honeycomb briquettes. Umodzi Green Collect trains the women on how to operate machinery and how to turn the waste collected into briquettes. The branded briquettes products are eventually sold at different market fairs around the community.

Seeking partnership

Umodzi Green Collect is currently in partnership with a few organizations such as Pacific Grow. UGC wishes to partner with various organizations which specifies in women empowerment, renewable energy resources and recycling. The board is always willing to share its agenda and goals respectively.

Our Partners

Over the past years Umodzi Green Collect has worked with a number of organisations, companies and institutions.